Keep In Touch

4.7 ( 4917 ratings )
Verktyg Sociala nätverk
Utvecklare: Kelvin KAKUGAWA
3.99 USD

A relationship tool that helps you actively keep in better contact with the people in your address book.

Personally, I have a problem with meeting people that I really like, but losing touch with them. Most of the time, Im hacking away at a project and living off of caffeine. So, it doesnt naturally occur to me to regularly get back in touch with these people. The problem is that when I want to reconnect with someone or ask them for advice, a familiar awkward reconnection phase keeps re-occuring. However, I really wanted to stay in touch with these people, but it was my fault that I let these relationships die. So, I did something about it--I wrote this app. It was written out of personal interest, but hopefully it helps you, too.

Other Details:
Prioritize your contacts and be reminded of when you might want to reconnect with someone.

A limited history of your last contacts is also maintained to help you maintain your relationships.